El-Goli Park

Summer palace during the Qajar dynasty

Blue Mosque

Turquoise of Islam

Kandovan Village

The village with live rock architecture


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Why travel to Tabriz

"Tabriz is a very big city surrounded by beautiful gardens. Tabriz is well suited for commerce, with merchants from India and Baghdad and tropical regions coming from around Europe to this city to buy or sell various goods. " (Marco Polo -1275)

Ancient history

Tabriz is one of the oldest cities of Iran. Since the past, Tabriz was one of the most important trading centers of Eurasia and the linking point of the East and West. All the historians who passed through Tabriz have written about its magnificence.

Art and originality

Almost always and during the time, Tabriz had its own place as the origin of Iranian art and literature. In Poets’ Mausoleum of Tabriz, there are tombs of more than 400 poets and scholars. Nearly all of the world’s well-known museums and houses are hosting the paintings and rugs of Tabriz origin.

Tourist Attractions

1800 historical, natural and artistic works of Tabriz are registered in the National list of Iran and 2 Tabriz Historical Works in the UNESCO World heritage, and Tabriz is designated as the world's largest city of handmade carpet and tourism capital of Islamic countries in 2018.

Tourism attractions

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News and Events

Every day there are events and occasions taking place in every city. We are going to inform you about the News and Events of a city you haven’t traveled yet.

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Matchless role of music groups in” Tabriz 2018” event

Talking to the leader of Tabriz Philharmonic Orchestra, Yashar Shadpour, mayor of Tabriz stated that artistic groups particularly Philharmonic Orchestra can bear the title of Tabriz ambassadors and may be introduced as tourism attractions.
26 12 2017

Yalda Night celebrated in Erzurum, Turkey

With the presence of the governor general of Erzurum, the general consul of the Islamic Republic of Iran and a group of cultural and social activists, special programs of Yalda Night were held under the auspices of Tabriz public and International relations of Tabriz municipality in Erzurum, Turkey.
26 12 2017

We support “Tabriz 2018” advertising and informational programs

Considering the special position of the representatives of the Tabriz delegates in the Islamic Consultative Assembly,” we are able to pursue “Tabriz 2018” tourism capacities with the national perspective in various metropolises of the country and world consulting with various ministers,”
26 12 2017

Tabriz city is selected as Silk Road Center of Tourism Studies

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has selected the north-western Iranian city of Tabriz as a centre of tourism and cultural heritage studies along the Silk Road.
30 12 2017
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