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Tabriz is a city with a long history and originality, some scholars attribute the history of the origin of this city belong to the first and second millennium BC and some to the third or fourteenth centuries BC, and therefore the history of this city has always been discussed by scholars and Historians, but what is certain is that Tabriz has been considered one of the most important commercial centers in the region of Eurasia and has become a bridge between the East and the West.
All the historians who passed through Tabriz have written about its magnificence and have spoken of the goodness of its people and their culture and regretted the devastation left over from the anger of nature and rulers of the time.
Among  the texts from the travels of Hans Schlitterbruger, Adam Oliaryos, Jean Shardin, Jean-Baptiste, Ibn Battuta, Nasser Khosrow and others which are worthy of reference, you can refer to the Venetian traveler Marco Polo who visited Tabriz in 1275. Written:
"Tabriz is a very big city surrounded by beautiful gardens. Tabriz is well suited for commerce, with merchants from India and Baghdad and tropical regions coming from around Europe to this city to buy or sell various goods. "
The location of this city along the Silk Road along with the prosperity of the trade has boosted the culture and art of the people of this city, and perhaps this is because of Magberat ol-shoara of Tabriz, which is the tomb of more than 400 poets, mystic, literary and Iranian scientist since the birth of the great poet, Asadi Tusi (390 AH - 999 AD), lived in this city until the death of Shaer ol-molk-e Adab and Shahriar (1367 AH-1988).
Tabriz has taken its boom and dynamism from the thoughts and guidance of the people in which it has lived and has played an indescribable role in most of the historical, cultural, political and economic developments in Iran and has always hosted dynamic origins of high human thoughts. As with the ‘Tabriz Doctrine’ for centuries, it is a guest of the museums and collectors of paintings and paintings in the world, and with the well-known carpets in the field of art and culture, appreciates the glorious views of the Azerbaijani carpet lovers.
This is the city we want to get you acquainted with its past, present and the future and walk along its streets and visit the historic places and taste the cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of its people during the staying time in the residential places of the city.
Stay with us on your trip to Tabriz, because we will remain your friend during this interesting journey.


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The team, which has started its professional career since the 90s (1997) and has more than 20 years of continuous expertise in the IT industry, is determined to bring together a range of travel services combined with the experiences and insights of the world's best practices. And develop and provide tourism in the form of a cloud-based platform.
The introduction and information about places and tourist attractions, hotels, local cuisine, restaurants, places for recreation, shopping malls and events is only, one of the services that you can now get through this website, and meanwhile the website is on the path of progress.
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