While you are driving through Jolfa city, you will see glorious scenes of trees and pure nature of Azerbaijan. On your way to Jolfa there are 3 amazing villages which one of them is spectacular Ushtabin. When you visit Ushtabin, it may make you to think about jungles in northern part of Iran and another interesting point about function of houses in this village, is that you discover houses like stairs level which each home’s roof is the garden of higher house. The structure and nature simulates the only similar village in Iran and it is Masouleh in north of Iran and Ushtabin is known as Masouleh of Azerbaijan.

If you take look at this village’s history, you’ll find out that Ushtabin village was a castle like village located in a valley and reaching to the location was too difficult; and this unpleasant feature protected the village. This protection was against the attacks of thieves and bandits and also the formation of Ushtabin village was great for being safe against flood. This village was the only Muslim among other non-Muslim villages; and it caused considerable number of migrations to Ushtabin and it helped this village to progress.

There are many points about this attraction to make it a great destination for tourists and travelers; locating between two rivers; Aras on the north and Haras on the east which provides a great climate for this area, there is a great history saved on rocks and old houses about 800 years old. Beside numerous signs of a great civilization, you will love fruits, too.

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