Osku is one of the oldest cities of East Azerbaijan and it is obtained according to old books and merely it is like a time machine that you can enter and travel in the time. Osku is located on the hillside of Sahand mountain (which is a volcano); because of this volcano, there are many caves in this city. There are number of troglodyte villages such as Kandovan, Majarneshin, Onsorud and Hilevar. Nearly all the Osku residents are Turk and they are speaking in Turkish since more than 100 years ego.

The weather is pleasant enough to have a great harvest of wheat, barley and other agricultural products. These agricultural products make Osku one of the important cities of Azerbaijan. Lives in this area is a mixture of modernism and traditions. Activities like livestock and agriculture are basics of income sources; beside these traditional activities, there are many industrial factories like Embossing, Patchwork, Nylon, Paint, Spaghetti production, Balancing, Lime, Asphalt and weaving, Silk weaving, Silk weaving, Weaving and carpet weaving factories.
Osku is the only city in Iran which uses Butik printing centers are still working. Silk fabrics are being painted by different colors which cannot be described easily by words, hence, you can purchase nice scarves from Osku because they make great scarves with nice colors and great quality.
In addition to nice scarves you can buy from Osku, you can buy nice dairy products, too.

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