Majarshin village, a blend of nature and history which it was Mirza Neshin in the past, is a mountainous village with beautiful staircase houses, a historic and ancient village with a pristine, lush and mountainous nature that combines historical monuments and natural landscapes. They are the presence of high and lush meadows are a wider cause, resulting in the sale of dairy products, high quality dairy products from nature. Therefore, the major source of income for the people of this village in spring and summer is from livestock and the sale of agricultural products such as walnuts, flowers, and bamboo crumbs and carpet weaving.

Yeka Sohra is the mountain that is located on the slopes of the Majarshin village, and there is a lot of sacredness among the people of the village of Majarshin. The presence of the historian's cemetery and its archaeological writings in Arabic proves that the village dates back to the prehistoric times of history, as well as Budshahar or the historic rocky houses of Anarchine, whose beautiful and rocky houses are carved in the mountains and have niches It shows the lives of people in this place in the past. The archangel mosque dates back to the middle Ages and the late prehistoric times, which has been registered as one of the national works of Iran.

Place attractions :

World Heritage site

Place tourism types :

Cultural tourism , wellness tourism , Eco Tourism

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