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With the presence of the governor general of Erzurum, the general consul   of the Islamic Republic of Iran and a group of cultural and social activists, special programs of Yalda Night were held under the auspices of Tabriz public and International relations of Tabriz municipality in Erzurum, Turkey.

Pointing to the Yalda night as one of the opportunities for Iranian’s friendship and intimacy, Hossein Ghasemi, our country's general consul in Erzurum, remarked: “tonight in the gathering of artists, cultural and social figures, a fascinating and memorable night was remained in Erzurum. 

He added that Yalda Night in Erzurum will be a pleasing introduction to the cooperation of two cities on the eve of the “Tabriz 2018” splendid event.

Welcoming all attendees, Erzurum governor, Ahmet Altıparmak said: "Tabriz is one of the most important sister cities of Erzurum, hosting the main tourism event in the coming days." 

He said that the two cities have had consistent cultural and social cooperation in recent years, adding that the traditional celebration of Yalda Night in the cultural office of public and international relations of Tabriz Municipality will be effective in enhancing the intimacy and communication between two sides.

In this ceremony , deputy Mayor of Erzurum, head of the Sa'adat Party in  the Eastern Branch of Turkey, head of the Faculty of Literature, chairman  of Persian Language and Literature, professors  and Students of Persian language, consular staff to name a few, were also attended   at the Yalda Night Celebration in Erzurum .

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