If you’re visiting the grand covered Bazar of Tabriz, do not forget to have a lunch in this place. Since it is located in the historical Bazar of Tabriz, you’ll have a nice kind of feeling about the restaurant by mixing the atmosphere of Bazar with taste of the food.

The most famous foods in this restaurant are Kebab and Abgoosht. The personnel and manager are very friendly and the place is so clean. If you want to have a lunch in this restaurant, you should get there before 1:30 pm, if not; you will have to wait because it gets too crowded.

Kebabs are made by fresh meat and serve with very nice butter. The furniture layout is set for maximum utilization. So, don’t expect a calm and silent place for lunch.

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Abgoosht-e Sangi (Dizi-e sangi)

Open houres
00:00 to 00:00

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